Whalers – Paddle Easy


How difficult is to be an indie-rock band from Austin, Texas?
In a conservative environment surrounded by country music, Whalers have been re-defining the limit of classic early 60’s surf rock tunes for the last three years. A year after their self-recorded and self-released EP’s How The Ship Goes Down they are back with the same sound and the same strength.

It’s difficult to be original, and quite easy to be classic, but Paddle Easy released in November 2011, is made of 5 thick songs; it is simple but it doesn’t sound out of date.The quintet is catchy and direct. Where the cultural roots are deep and the motto of the band is “Less is more”, everything becomes essential, simple enough to be classic.

Whalers make music that they want to listen to. In terms of style Whalers’ appraoach to their sound is minimal. No wasted notes and, at the end, everything fits and each song feels tight. From the Strokes to the Stones and with riffs from The White Stripes, every Pixel In Your Picture should be complete. The perfect alchemy of surf-wave rock of the sixties fits exactly with a modern folk-pop of the 90’s. The beach band has embraced surf rock sound from the beginning and run with it.

At of now Whalers have already published two other EPs, one in June 2012, Bon Vivant and another one in June 2013 called Battleships. It seems they have a lot of good music still to come, and we are just waiting for their full length debut studio album.
Antonello Furione.

Band members:
Lead Guitar: Kyle Rother
Rhythm Guitar: Dan Martin
Bass Guitar: Amir Mozafari
Voice: Gus Smalley
Drums: Milos “Hound Dog” Bertram

Contacts: Whalersmusic

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