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darknessThe Darkness + Lost Alone + The River 68’s
Tuesday 12 November
@ Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

It was not Friday night and it was ten years ago that we heard for the first time their name and we started to believe in a thing called love. Today, after a lot of drugs and a big stop (from 2006 to 2011) The Actual Darkness from Lowestoft, Suffolk are back… now. With the release of their debut album, Permission to Land, in 2003 they sold 1.3 million copies in the UK alone. It was One Way Ticket to Hell… And Back and then unfortunately as can happen for too many bands that win too many awards they started the decline, but the Darkness’ songs remains amazing.
Now after lead singer Justin Hawkins rehab they came back playing together again. The band is looking once more for the magic box of the early days. On stage Justin, Dan, Ed and Frankie are always great, givin an impressive performance and getting a great response from the audience. They are fighting to the end to be Stuck in a rut.
Even if Nothing’s Gonna Stop them, will they find a way to create another great hit? At the moment eating Hot Cakes doesn’t seem the answer to their huge desire and hunger for success.

I wish them all the best of luck, because they are not only super funny on stage, surprisingly talent and they take the music seriously.
The Darkness is a band to enjoy live (or/and sing alone under the morning shower).
It would be really worth listening with new songs to give them the Permission to land at the top of the Uk charts once again.
Antonello Furione

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