Stone Gossard – Moonlander

MoonlanderCoverRelease: June 25, 2013
Recorded: 2003 – 2013
Label: Monkeywrench Records

Thank you Creator…
(for for letting him play with the Pearl Jam)

Apart from his main band, Stone Gossard has always took part in numerous collaborations and parallel musical projects, including the most important one with Brad. Between a break and the other with Pearl Jam and Brad, Gossard Johhny Guitar keeps composing for their band, but “Even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies”, he still doen’t know what to do, so he chases them away thinking that someday, he’ll begin his life again.

Moonlander, Gossard’s second solo album, shows launches, orbits, and returns home with only the occasional track lost in space. It shows a simple man that likes to play his favourite garage pop rock in the courtyard without getting very far.

He is still so in love with his nineties, but also disconnected from the years of youthful rage; he embraces the years of maturity and packs a useless album that just wants to tell stories. No techniques, no passions. Only dusty, old tape songs.

In 2001, Gossard released a first intimate solo album, Bayleaf. After 12 years, “the key thing about this record was to finish something, to say”. And “Yes, I can write a song and I like to go messing around in the studio. And these are my favorites of the last decade.”

Probably closer to his roots and few evolutions in progress: essentially 11 simple songs easy to forget. Long live Pearl Jam.

Antonello Furione

1. I Need Something Different
2. Moonlander
3. Both Live
4. Your Flames
5. Battle Cry
6. King of the Junkies
7. Remain
8. I Don’t Want To Go To Bed
9. Bombs Away
10.Witch Doctor
11.Beyond Measure

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