Sintomi di Gioia – Interview (for live 93 Feet East 24.03.2011)

SINTOMI DI GIOIA – Interview (for live 93 Feet East 24.03.2011)
Your First album “Segnalibro” released in 2008 was produced with Cristiano Lo Mele from Perturbazione and Alessandro Ciola from Imagina Production.How did you meet Alessandro?

We rang his doorbell and introduced ourselves! Alessandro listened to us live and in his studio, and after that we began collaborating. We recorded “Segnalibro” and part of “L’animale” at the Imagina Production studio. The recording studio is great especially for the atmosphere there. 
2010 was the year when “L’animale” was released. “L’animale” is a peculiar album, as it includes three cover songs and one original song recorded with a cell phone. Why did you choose a cell phone to record your album? Was it a choice to remind everyone how people today often listen to music, including cell phone ring tones? 

I usually record the first version of all my songs with my cell phone because is convenient and easy, so I did the same with “L’animale”.  After we listened to the song we soon realized that that its mood was very peculiar. We could not have arranged the song in the studio without losing that original mood. We decided then to work on the original version. The original song as it was recorded with a few arrangements is the version we kept for the album.  We decided together with Fabio Magistrali, who is the producer of our EP, to keep this song as close as possible to the original version. 
Regarding the technical aspect of the song and the way it was recorded, it does probably suit well our times where despite the advanced technologies we have access to, many people end up listening to music playing from simple devices such as MP3 players and cell phones. It is also a way to focus more on the content and message of the song, and not too much on the tech toys it is recorded or reproduced with. Alessandro from Imagina Production supported us with this project from the beginning and by publishing this song, we made ourselves a fantastic and great present: we have freed ourselves from the traditional mindset that songs must be rearranged in studio. 
You play the Le Orme cover “era inverno” in your album. Tell us more about your experience with Tony Pagliuca. What did you learn and what does your music have in common with the Italian progressive rock of the seventies? 

In some reviews of Segnalibro, our style is associated with Progressive rock. We were honestly surprised to read these comments but I think the way we structure our songs, the succession of specific sounds can recall the prog rock approach. 
Playing with Tony Pagliuca has been a great learning experience. He taught us that if you make music for yourself, to nurture your passion, you never stop making music. Tony is very knowledgeable of the contemporary music scene and he made us feel at great ease. He is an extremely pleasant and affable artist and professional. Together we had very spontaneous chats about how to play different parts of the song, such as how the organ should sound in “Era Inverno” and so on. 
“Felona e Sorona” by Le Orme, where “Era Inverno” is from, is a great album and we played with the same Tony Pagliuca of those times! It was a great experience for us and we didn’t celebrate enough for the great opportunity we were given. We should miss a practice once and buy ourselves a lobster dinner! 
We felt the same after playing “Arrivederci Addio” by Pertubazione. Their album “in circolo” where Arrivederci addio is from is great and we deeply admire Perturbazione. 
This is the first time for you to play in England. How do you feel about it? 

I think I will make mistakes and forget some words of our songs! Many people won’t understand right?! Just kidding.  We are very proud and excited to play in a city such as London. It is hub for culture, music, art and we will have the opportunity to play in front of a truly omnivorous audience. I hope our English friend will be able to listen and enjoy the sounds of our music and of our language. We expect a lot of people to come and we are truly happy about this opportunity. 
What are your future projects? one question as a fan: when are you going to release your next album? 

We are planning to release an EP by the end of this year and a full album by the end of 2012. We have plenty of material ready to be recorded but everything will depend on our own personal commitments and also on the number of live shows we will do. Things never go as you expect them to go. 
Antonello Furione 

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