Django Django – Rough Trade East

Clap your hand, your coconuts and say… Django Django!

Rough Trade East  – 01.02.12
First of all: Django Django has nothing to do with Django Reinhardt, the virtuoso gypsy jazz guitarist and composer, along with Stéphane Grappelli invented an entirely new style of jazz with the “Quintette du Hot Club de France”.

It’s a Wednesday night particularly cold and the band “Django Django” is on stage in a famous record store. I’ve heard this band the same day, and one post with a word for FREE is enough. I check the video, send a couple of emails to my friends and it’s done. I’m queuing up for a sold-out gig, to see the debut album launch and instore show. I’m discouraged by the security guy at the door, and without a ticket or the unfindable (and famous) wristband waiting for more than 45 minutes. I know it’s worth it, and this mass that is queuing with me outside is not crazy as I am not.

These adventurous and psychedelically guys are at their first showcase at the Rough Trade East – Brick Lane in London, their debut album and has been released the 30 of January 2012. Produced by David MacLean under “Because” label, the London-based band plays psych pop and indie and is definitely one of the best rootsy acoustic and beaming music I have heard in years.

The foursome guys who meet at “Edinburgh College Of Art” in 2009, took time expanding upon this blueprint, trying to find out how far it can be pushed. In a particularly mix of odd instruments with numerous synths, samplers, tribal drums, electro-whooshes, cowboy whistles and maracas, a range of tambourines, multiple other percussion, the standard guitar, drums and bass setup and also the added benefit of four voices able to sing and whistle in harmony! Simplicity and successful perfection.

The drummer and band mastermind David Maclean with Vincent Neff (lead singer), Jimmy Dixon and Tommy Grace are constantly swapping instruments mid song. But the time is quick, only about 40 minutes of music. They play “Introduction” and then the Single “Waveforms”, “Love’s Dart”, “Zumm zumm” the magic “Wor”, “Firewater” and finally “Default” [that seems a cover of Franz Ferdinand, but is not]. Electro, indie, funk, world, dance, rockabilly and even an oriental sound like the beautiful “Skies over Cairo”. irresistible chorus inspired the entire work and they are hypnotizing me and all the audience. Like a psychedelic desert sunrise I Got to get to know (this amazing album)… to have a good time.

 Antonello Furione

Contacts: djangodjango.co.uk

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