Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea

Exciting things happen when arts meet technology.
After five years a new album by Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno finally will be out. November 2, (15 for the UK market), and is titled “Small Craft on a Milk Sea”, contains 16 tracks plus 4 for the limited and collectors’ editions with some visual creations made by him in person, with a new technique invented by himself. The work, the production and pubblishing seems to remember the golden years, the best style of the past yesterdays, but with some big differences. One of the most important thing of this opera is that marks the transition of Eno to the Warp Records, a new frontier in electronics.

The free track to listen on the official website titled “2 Forms Of Anger” seems like the good old days are not completely gone. The experimentation and his desire to carrying on some basic and ideas does not seem to overcome. The taste, the genius, the precision and quality craftsmanship are the ones who know their job, and the two separate parts, like in a piece of classical music starting at a drum n bass to get to prog rock as only King Crimson could do. Really exciting percussion, to listen loud, and not to miss even a hiss and dream thinking that the development will have created the disk.

This is not a new “solo” album, Eno plays whit the guitarist Leo Abrahams who has published several solo albums and worked with Nick Cave and Paul Simon, and the electronic composer and producer Jon Hopkins that worked with greats musicians like Herbie Hancock and Coldplay. Reading the Leo Abrahams’ personal blog about this record he writes: “It contains the fruits of several years of jam sessions, created by the three of us. I never heard anything like that, it sounds like it is alive, and as an alien at the same time.” Not bad at the premises, now wait to see the entire work of “pure” art.

Antonello Furione

1. Emerald and Lime
2. Complex Heaven
3. Small Craft on a Milk Sea
4. Flint March
5. Horse
6. 2 Forms of Anger
7. Bone Jump
8. Dust Shuffle
9. Paleosonic
10. Slow Ice, Old Moon
11. Lesser Heaven
12. Calcium Needles
13. Emerald and Stone
14. Written, Forgotten
15. Late Anthropocene
Included with the Limited Edition and Collectors’ Edition Box Sets.
1. Surfacing
2. Square Chain
3. Bimini Twist
4. Abandoned Ship

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