Perturbazione + Sintomi di Gioia Live @ 93 Feet East 24.03.2011

7:30PM – 11:00PM –  £5 ENTRY

PERTURBAZIONE is an Italian rock band formed in 1998 in Rivoli, Turin. Founding members are Tommaso Cerasuolo and Romasso Antonio Lo Mele. They were joined a year later by Stefan Milano and Gigi Giancursi. Their debut album, ‘Waiting To Happen’ was released in 1998, featuring their debut single ‘Violet’. Elena Diana joined the band to enrich the sound with her piano and cello. At the beginning of 2002, the band release ‘In Circles’, featuring ‘August’ which wins an award for the best animated video in ‘Videoclipped The Radio Stars’.  In 2006, Tomasso designed and directed the music for a short film. The orchestral concert created a unique show for the Cafè Liber in Turin. The story is of a man grappling with the most cinematic of its essence: his own shadow. The orchestra, which is the rest of the group, said ‘with its unusual themes, the show finds its essence in live performance’. It has already been performed in cinemas, concert halls and theaters around the world.

More about this gig 

How do you describe the indescribable? With difficulty! SINTOMI DI GIOIA are one of the most interesting and promising new bands to emerge from Italy in recent years. They span indie, rock and acoustic music with flair and ease and to top it all, they have a killer sense of humour. The band has collaborated with the headliners of this fantastic evening in their native Piedmont. Catch them at their London debut. Enjoy!

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